Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bundy Kind of Day

Okay, I am willing to admit it. I pulled a 'Peg Bundy' yesterday.

My youngest son's high school is in mid winter break. He slept in until nearly noon, hubby was at work, so I stayed in my jammies and watched TV all morning.

When my darling Manlet did wake up (at fifteen years old and 6'3" tall he no longer qualifies as a Kidlet), we had brunch in front of the TV and continued watching a couple more shows together.

It was delightfully relaxing, though I did practice enough restraint to skip the bon bons.

It helped, of course, that there weren't any more bon bons left from Valentines Day.

The weather has been much warmer over the last week or so. It hasn't snowed in ten days. My thumbs haven't ached quite as much in a couple of days now, so I am able to type and post today. 

Still, I am thankful for my day of 'rest' yesterday. 

Manlet and I didn't get dressed until nearly 3 p.m. Then we ran to town to the post office. Well, truthfully, we drove. I doubt I could actually run three miles. If I was able to, I know that I'd never be able to run back. So we drove. Manlet drove. Gotta love a kid that drives!

I suppose that I really agreed to run errands for my son so I didn't have to answer my hubby's standard "What did you DO today?" greeting he gives as he walks in the door after work.

And yes, Manlet and I stopped for dinner elsewhere. 

I was hiding. From the truth.

I spent the day in front of the TV for no particular reason, other than I wanted to.

So there!