Friday, May 30, 2014

Sunshine Makes Me Happy

John Denver sings, "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy."

To which I would add, "Sunshine on my thumbs is always good..."

No, it doesn't remotely rhyme, but is so, so true in these late spring days going into summer..

I can garden, use chopsticks, scrapbook, tie shoelaces, turn pages in a book,  paint, scrub windows and screens, and even be happy for all of the little projects around the house that I've been unable to do since last fall.

Granted, our daily temps have been in the low to mid seventies. Nights, however, have been staying in the high forties to mid fifties. Infinitely better than in the freezing range.

My list of 'to-do' projects are nearly endless. I can now grip an old toothbrush and clean around the buttons of our various remotes. I can scrub the heck out of the grout on all of the tiled walls in our bathrooms with a hand held scrub brush, and scour all fourteen hundred square feet of tiled flooring. I can disassemble cabinet doors and remove knobs for touch up painting. 

I can pinch, grasp, pull and twist with ease. 

Gripping my garden tools is a breeze. With the sun out I can spend hours in the yard digging, spading, raking, and trimming. Today I will be banishing weeds and transplanting my lovelies. 

I can live again.

Thank you Lord for sunshine!